Description of high rates of unapparent and simultaneous multiple dengue virus infection in a Colombian jungle settlement



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Tropical Biomedicine, 0127-5720, Vol. 33, No. 2, 2016, p. 375-382

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Malaysian Society of Parasitology and Tropical Medicine (MSPTM)

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Dengue disease statistics is mainly based on consulting patients with febrile illness, but misdiagnosed and asymptomatic cases are important to measure dengue epidemiology in endemic areas. The main objective of this work was to determine the prevalence of IgM and IgG antibodies or NS1 antigen and viral RNA in a group of healthy volunteers from an isolated village in Colombian Chocó rain forest. It found 51.7% of virologically PCR confirmed asymptomatic cases, despite low IgM seroprevalence. It was confirmed that all four serotypes are in the circulation and in 17.2% of individuals it detected natural coinfections of two or three different serotypes simultaneously. This is the first report in Colombia evaluating viremia in asymptomatic volunteers. These findings pose a big concern about the transmission of dengue virus by asymptomatic individuals because they can spread the virus without taking appropriate control measures.

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Virus del dengue
Bosque lluvioso -- Colombia
Infecciones -- Investigaciones