Comparison of the def index with Nyvad's caries diagnostic criteria in 3- and 4-year-old Colombian children.




PURPOSE: The aims of this research were to determine the epidemiological profile of dental caries in 3- and 4-year-old preschool children living in Bogotá, Colombia, and to compare two different caries indices--the standard def and Nyvad's new caries diagnostic criteria. METHODS: The children were screened by two calibrated examiners who first brushed the children's teeth and air dried them for 5 seconds before they were examined. The diagnostic criteria used were the standard def-t and def-s and the def-t and def-s of the new caries diagnostic system proposed by Nyvad. The chi-square test2 was used with a significance level of 5%. RESULTS: Prevalence of caries was 70% using the standard def-t criteria and 97% with the criteria proposed by Nyvad. The standard def-t and def-s were 3.3 and 5.7, respectively, and the def-t and def-s with the Nyvad citeria were 8.7 and 14.3, respectively. CONCLUSIONS: Prevalence of caries was high, indicating that the population studied had a high disease rate. The results obtained with the more detailed Nyvad new caries diagnostic criteria were higher than the ones obtained with the standard def-t index, both for teeth and surfaces.

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