A multidisciplinary approach of an endo-perio lesion in a severely compromised tooth: An 18-Year Follow-up Case Report




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Journal of Medicine and Life, 2671-4922, Vol. 13, Nro. 4, 2020, p. 629–634

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This case report describes the diagnosis, multidisciplinary treatment, and long-term follow-up of a severely compromised tooth in a patient who was referred for assessing a gingival recession. Clinical evaluation of the left maxillary canine showed 12 mm of mid-buccal gingival recession, probing depth of 14 mm on the mesial-buccal aspect, and grade III mobility. A periapical radiograph revealed extensive periapical and lateral radiolucency. The first step of the treatment was to carry out oral hygiene instructions and full-mouth debridement. After that, endodontic treatment was performed immediately. Periodontal reevaluation four months after endodontic therapy revealed that probing depths of all sites were within 3 mm and periapical radiograph showed a slight decrease in periapical and lateral radiolucency. It was subsequently decided to perform root coverage with a laterally positioned flap and subepithelial connective tissue graft. Six months after surgery, the root surface showed 1 mm recession, representing root coverage of 91.7% and a gain of attachment of 13 mm. The patient was enrolled in a 6-month supportive periodontal therapy. Treatment outcomes were evaluated over 18 years, with successful radiographic and clinical results throughout the follow-up period. The successful management of endo-periodontal lesions requires an accurate diagnosis, which is imperative to provide proper therapy in the correct treatment sequence.

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Lesión endoperiodontal, Recesión gingival, Obturación del conducto radicular, Terapia mucogingival, Informe de caso


Endo-periodontal lesion, Gingival recession, Root canal obturation, Mucogingival therapy, Case report