Cancer genomic resources and present needs in the latin american region




In Latin America (LA), cancer is the second leading cause of death, and little is known about the capacities and needs for the development of research in the field of cancer genomics. In order to evaluate the current capacity for and development of cancer genomics in LA, we collected the available information on genomics, including the number of next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms, the number of cancer research institutions and research groups, publications in the last 10 years, educational programs, and related national cancer control policies. Currently, there are 221 NGS platforms and 118 research groups in LA developing cancer genomics projects. A total of 272 articles in the field of cancer genetics/genomics were published by authors affiliated to Latin American institutions. Educational programs in genomics are scarce, almost exclusive of graduate programs, and only few are concerning cancer. Only 14 countries have national cancer control plans, but all of them consider secondary prevention strategies for early diagnosis, opportune treatment, and decreasing mortality, where genomic analyses could be implemented. Despite recent advances in introducing knowledge about cancer genomics and its application to LA, the region lacks development of integrated genomic research projects, improved use of NGS platforms, implementation of associated educational programs, and health policies that could have an impact on cancer care.

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Cancer, Genetics, Genomics


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