Evaluation of the prevention program “brief intervention based on motivational interviewing” in colombian adolescents




Nuevos Rumbos Corporation has designed and implemented since 2013 the preventive program (selective and indicated) Brief Intervention based on Motivational Interviewing (BIMI). BIMI is an individualized intervention aimed at decreasing the alcohol consumption among adolescents or delaying the age at onset. It has three moments: the first intervention, lasting 15 min, and two follow-ups with intervals of 3 months each. With the purpose of getting empirical support about its efficacy, an evaluation with randomized group assignation was carried out with 218 students from a public school in Bogotá. The results showed a significant difference between the two groups regarding last month alcohol use prevalence for the second and third moments. Moreover, there was also a significant reduction of risk levels in the experimental group when the three moments were compared. Results, confirmed through a logistic regression, suggest that the effects of the intervention occur mainly at the first follow-up. The effects observed at the first follow-up remained at the second one.

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Prevention, Brief intervention, Motivational interviewing, Adolescents, School domain


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