Hyperthermia study in breast cancer treatment using three applicators

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Communications in Computer and Information Science, Volume 1052, 2019, P. 416-427

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This paper assesses the initial collateral effects which result from the use of electromagnetic (EM) hyperthermia treatment. In this particular case, the focus of study is breast cancer treatment by means of an electromagnetic simulation model. A breast model was created by using the electrical properties to tissues, and it was radiated with three applicators at 2.45 GHz to generate increased of temperature, analyzing the distribution of power density inside the breast. The third applicator, it is a new applicator developed in the Groove Gap Waveguide technology (GGW). A comparison between the power density in the tumor and other breast tissues (fat and lobes) is presented. Results show that the location of the microwave applicator is a factor that determines the unwanted overheating of tissues closed tumor. The preliminary results indicate that with the new applicator developed in the Groove Gap Waveguide technology (GGW) is possible to focus the EM energy. Moreover, the tissues close to the tumor obtain a lower concentration of power density.

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Heat flow, Hyperthermia, Radiation, Applicator