Desarrollo de un prototipo de cultivo acuícola basado en el aprovechamiento del recurso hídrico con sistema de monitoreo de parámetros fisicoquímicos para la etapa de engorde de Tilapia roja (Oreochromis sp) en la Sabana de Bogotá




The development of this project covers the topic of aquaculture with an aquaculture recirculation system (RAS), in order to take advantage of the water resource of the culture, for this, three main phases of analysis were established; firstly, the adequacy of the culture for the red Tilapia species (Oreochromis sp) was carried out, taking into account the parameters of temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and electrical conductivity. Following this, the RAS system was implemented with the corresponding implements for the use of water resources. Finally, a monitoring system was developed for the physicochemical variables, where a database was created for each variable, taking five data points in the morning, afternoon and evening to obtain the daily average for each parameter. The monitoring system is executed by data transmission through Bluetooth connection, so that the user can visualize the physicochemical parameters and an alarm when the changes of the variables are below the established ranges. For the case of the physical infrastructure of the culture, the construction was carried out in Chia - Cundinamarca, in a closed environment, in order to protect the species involved, conserve the temperature and the disposition of the RAS system, in terms of water distribution and aquaculture culture. The results obtained in the sixth week were a growth rate of 41% with water evaporation of 4%, where during the test phase the aquaculture culture prototype did not require water replacement.

Palabras clave

Acuicultura, Monitoreo, Oreochromis sp, Parámetros fisicoquímicos, Sistema de recirculación acuícola, Tilapia roja


Aquaculture, Monitoring, Oreochromis sp, Physicochemical parameters, Aquaculture recirculation system