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    • Genomic analysis of head and neck cancer cases from two high incidence regions 

      Perdomo Lara, Sandra Janneth; Anantharaman, Devasena; Foll, Matthieu; Durand, Geoffroy; Abedi-Ardekani, Behnoush; Reis Rosa, Luciana Albina; Holmila, Reetta; Le Calvez-Kelm, Florence; Tajara, Eloiza H.; Wünsch-Filho, Victor; Levi, José Eduardo; Vilensky, Marta; Polesel, Jerry; Holcatova, Ivana; Simonato, Lorenzo; Canova, Cristina; Lagiou, Pagona; Brennan, Paul; McKay, James D.
      We investigated how somatic changes in HNSCC interact with environmental and host risk factors and whether they influence the risk of HNSCC occurrence and outcome. 180-paired samples diagnosed as HNSCC in two high incidence ...
    • Identification of circulating tumor DNA for the early detection of small-cell lung cancer 

      Fernandez-Cuesta, Lynnette; Avogbe, Patrice Hodonou; Leblay, Noemie; Delhomme, Tiffany M.; Gaborieau, Valerie; Abedi-Ardekani, Behnoush; Chanudet, Estelle; Olivier, Magali; Zaridze, David; Mukeria, Anush; Vilensky, Marta; Holcatova, Ivana; Polesel, Jerry; Simonato, Lorenzo; Canova, Cristina; Lagiou, Pagona; Brambilla, Christian; Byrnes, Graham; Scelo, Ghislaine; Le Calvez-Kelm, Florence; McKay, James D.; Brennan, Paul; Brambilla, Elisabeth; Perdomo Lara, Sandra Janneth
      Circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) is emerging as a key potential biomarker for post-diagnosis surveillance but it may also play a crucial role in the detection of pre-clinical cancer. Small-cell lung cancer (SCLC) is an excellent ...