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    • Occupational health crossing borders part 2: Comparison of 18 occupational health systems across the globe 

      Radon, Katja; Ehrenstein, Vera; Nowak, Dennis; Bigaignon-Cantineau, Janine; Gonzalez, Maria; Dev Vellore, Arun; Enzina Zamora, Veronica; Gupta, Neeraj; Huang, Lirong; Kandkers, Salamat; Menchú Lanza, Ana María; Posenato Garcia, Leila; Stylianos Patsis, Keti; Sanchez Rojas, Ana Maria; Shoma, Ashraf; Verbeek, Jos
      Occupational health and safety (OHS) is considered one of the most important factors for a sustainable development; however, it is often considered a luxury by decision‐makers. This article compares OHS systems of 18 ...